Youth Voice

Furness Education and Skills Partnership FESP Youth Voice

Youth Voice will give young people a voice in recovery planning for Furness.  Other organisations have joined FESP in this project as it will train young people to sit equally in meetings as a sustainable part of decision making structures in Furness.

We need a Youth Voice - in order to think differently.

Furness Education and Skills Partnership FESP Youth Voice


Linking to FESP S.E.L.F Journey this project will:

Why do we need a Youth Voice?

To fully understand how COVID-19 has impacted on the young people of Barrow we need to listen to the ‘Youth Voice’.  We need a range of young people to truly capture all the experiences.

We need to support and if necessary train a small group of teenage young people in the correct etiquette / protocols for attending professional meetings in order to be taken seriously.  For example, understanding the request to speak must go through the Chair at meetings.

For younger children in the community, we need to give them a pandemic voice. They need to be heard, capturing their thoughts, their experiences and emotions in the here and now. This is vital towards improving the mental health and wellbeing of all our young people.

We need to give young people the skills to be confident, to work as a team, to come up with ideas and express their views.

The group of young people representing the Youth Voice need to be made up of a diverse range of young people.

Working with many key partners directly linked to the Cumbria Resilience Group for Barrow which includes organisations such as the Police, Health, Borough Council, community and business settings. They acknowledge FESP to be the appropriate network to co-ordinate and deliver this project on behalf of the group. Demonstrating a united strong partner voice recognising the need to capture this detail for young people now and to include a strong youth voice in any future decision making in Barrow.

In the future it will link to more complex elements of the FESP S.E.L.F. Journey in that once embedded in local committees and groups, Young People will improve economic understanding, ethical decisions and finance.

Furness Education and Skills Partnership FESP Youth Voice

We need to recognise the value of Young People in our society, to respect them, to consider their views and acknowledge that they have a valuable place in the positive future for Barrow & The Furness Area.