Primary school pupils learn about the dangers of substance abuse

FESP Primary school pupils learn about the dangers of substance abuse
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CHILDREN are learning about the dangers of substance abuse.

A project aiming to address alarming health issues in the area which have led to life expectancy for both men and women in Barrow being lower than the England average has been running for several years.

In this year’s project more children took part than ever before, with 355 Year Five and Year Six pupils from 10 Furness primary schools involved in the 2019 Happy and Healthy Lifestyle Project – #iwillmakeadifference.

The scheme was officially launched during an event at Furness College.

The organisations which took part in the launch event were: Norwood Medical Centre, Morecambe Bay NHS Trust, The Well Communities, Barrow Police, and Furness Education and Skills Partnership.

Inspector Jim Bailey from Barrow Police, said: “For us prevention is key. Raising awareness is a vital part of that plan. Young people need to know the risks and consequences of the substance abuse world. They need to know the realities. By doing events like this we can help to protect them.”

Children and their teachers took part in four interactive workshops in which they received important information to raise their awareness about different areas of substance abuse. As well as this, members of recovery group, The Well, delivered a drugs and alcohol session addressing the dangers of substance abuse.

Founder and CEO of The Well, Dave Higham said: “It’s much more effective to engage with the children about these issues and educate them on the pitfall surrounding drug and alcohol abuse.

“As a 12 year-old boy, I know that I would have really benefitted from an approach like this before my life spiralled.

“Children need someone to say it’s okay and have that support system.”

Amy Lamph, co-ordinator for FESP added: “We are excited to be launching the third year of this important project.

“Due to the topic this year the project takes a slightly different format to previous years with the next step seeing pupils designing posters to raise awareness of these problems in their own communities. These will be displayed around Barrow and we are looking forward to seeing what the produce.”

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