Holiday Camps

Furness Education and Skills Partnership FESP HAF Holiday Camp Heroes

Huge thanks to Barrow AFC, Cumbria County Council, Francis C Scott Charitable Trust and BAE Systems whose support means the children get to experience our holiday camps for FREE.  

The funding and support received really has made a difference to many young people in the present but hopefully will have an impact on future life choices and potentially on careers too.

Furness Education and Skills Partnership FESP Our Aims for HAF Holiday Camps


Raising the aspirations, confidence and self-belief of young people

Essential Life Skills

Crucial skills that are increasingly seen as important to children’s wider development: ‘essential life skills’ such as confidence, social skills (teamwork and communication) self- control, motivation, and emotional resilience. These are the attitudes, skills and behaviours that are thought to underpin success in school and work, and include the ability to respond to setbacks, work well with others, build relationships, communicate effectively, manage emotions, and cope with difficult situations. Much recent research has demonstrated that social and emotional competencies are at least as important as technical skills in determining employability, and contributing to social mobility, and of course, earnings and career success

Providing children and young people with the opportunity to develop and exercise leadership (and in a social action setting) can have benefits for the individual young person, their peer group and society more broadly.

Furness Education and Skills Partnership FESP Essential Life Skills HAF

Our Easter 2022 Fun and inclusive programmes took place over 4 days (4-7th April, 10:30-15:00hrs) and included a range of physical activities, cookery, arts and crafts, teambuilding, and STEM challenges.

We hope to run this (subject to funding) for another 16 days  during the weeks beginning 25th July,1st Aug, 8th Aug and 15th Aug  2022.

The children are full of what they did in holiday camp.
They have a renewed enthusiasm for learning.

why get involved

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The Holiday camps enable businesses to connect with local communities and forge ongoing links with local schools and raise their profile in the local community. 

They have been returning home each day in a happy and positive mood


Case Study

An email received from the parent of a child with SEND (names have been changed)

“I would like to thank everyone involved for giving Hannah the opportunity to take part in this amazing scheme that is running!

Hannah is a 7 year old girl with additional needs, she first took part at Greengate school in the summer holiday, she loved it that much she is attending again! This has helped both me and Hannah so much, and whatever you may be doing (team building skills etc) has had a really good impact on her. Hannah can be very much hard work, with a diagnosis for ADHD, attachment & anxiety disorder! I do worry about sending her places normally, whether that be judged, Hannah being hard work, not settling! I feel like she has been welcomed here with open arms, time, effort, love and caring must 100% be being given to Hannah as she is so happy to be there, that much she skips out the door! Hannah needs all these things above to be able to settle anywhere!

This might sound awful, but Hannah can be very much a full-time job… that needs to be stimulated all the time there is only so much you can do in the holidays cannot tell you how great full I am for both me and her, We get a break from each other I know she’s happy and safe! And even a hot meal provided..! I am sure a lot of family’s/children will also feel this way! With additional needs or not I am sure the place is filled with happy smiles, but it is nice you cater for all!

Hannah skipped through the door, saying she can not wait to come tomorrow for the water fight!

Thanks again to all involved.”

FESP HAF Case Study

They have enjoyed working as part of groups, especially teamwork activities which has increased their confidence.