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The Furness Future Leaders’ Academy aims to inspire year five students to plan their own future and help them hone leadership, team-work and communication skills that will be in strong demand across the Furness industrial landscape in years to come.

aims & objectives

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Provide opportunities which enable young people to develop leadership and key skills such as: 

The programme prioritises mental health, physical wellbeing and the key skills for highly effective learning.  It helps the students to develop an understanding of their local community and that they CAN make a positive difference. Having a say in how young people can recover from the Pandemic Lockdowns and what support they will need.

Furness Future Leaders' Academy aims to provide young people with opportunities to develop and exercise leadership skills. 

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The young people in our area do not have a second chance at education, we are eager to support as many of them as possible to regain learning confidence and develop the attributes, skills and motivation to make rapid academic progress.

The Furness Future Leaders’ Academy programme prioritises mental health, physical wellbeing and the key skills for highly effective learning. The academy runs during school holiday periods.

When funding allows, this programme can be available free for up to 480 pupils, equipping them to recover and reconnect. The potential benefits to our community of engaging young people in positive activity, at this critical time, should not be underestimated.

The children take part in weekly skill based challenges and themes linked to Technology, Engineering and Maths.  They develop an understanding of the benefits of physical activity and understanding resilience while learning about themselves and what makes them who they are – special! 

All activities feed into:

  • Team/Group Activities
  • Individual Taks
  • Leadership Skills
  • Teamwork 

We must give children and young people a far better understanding of the world of work – starting at an early age…it is about opening their eyes to the many careers that they do not see on TV or in their daily lives.

Lord (Kenneth) Baker (2014)

Much recent research has demonstrated that social and emotional competencies are at least as important as technical skills in determining employability, and contributing to social mobility, and of course, earnings and career success.

Crucial skills that are increasingly seen as important to children’s wider development: ‘essential life skills’ such as confidence, social skills (teamwork and communication) self- control, motivation, and emotional resilience. These are the attitudes, skills and behaviours that are thought to underpin success in school and work, and include the ability to respond to setbacks, work well with others, build relationships, communicate effectively, manage emotions, and cope with difficult situations. 

Providing children and young people with the opportunity to develop and exercise leadership (and in a social action setting) can have benefits for the individual young person, their peer group and society more broadly.


The programme is well-structured and delivered, firmly-established and highly respected by local professional teams including all participating schools, employers, media partners and voluntary organisations.

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Furness Future Leaders' Academy Highlights

FFLA was the most best experience I have ever had. It was fun, it was interesting and it was joyful. The groups in class make me more confident to make new friends.

FFLA Participant