BDAE Bursary

Barrow & District Association of Engineers Award Event Collage

FESP facilitated the Barrow and District Association of Engineers new Primary Bursary Awards and the Year 6 STEM Student Award nomination for each Primary School.

Engineering is such a major part of this area’s economic success. Many engineering companies locally struggle to recruit suitable employees and we are keen to support a pipeline of high quality engineers. By awarding young engineers with prizes for their commitment to engineering and by supporting schools to enhance their engineering provision, we hope that the Barrow and District Association of Engineers will inspire young talent.

Denis Lidstone, BDAE Member

Awarding Young Engineers on their Journey to Engineering

Facilitated by FESP, The Barrow and District Association of Engineers presented bursaries and prizes to primary aged pupils for the first time at an awards event which took place at Furness College. The event was attended by around 100 students and family members. Also in attendance were trustees from BDAE; FESP; local employers and school leaders.

The Engineering Association, has presented bursary awards and engineering prizes to secondary students for many years but now recognises that inspiring young children can have a long term impact on career choices.

A key note speech was made by Mr David Wright, Group Chief Engineer National Grid, Decarbonising Britain’s Energy. Mr Wright shared his own career journey and told students about his current job. He demonstrated how important engineering is in solving world problems and in helping to protect our planet.

David Wright said that he was really impressed by the work of BDAE to engage future engineers at such a young age and in FESP’s Grow Your Own future employee model. He said, ‘I work all over the country and more communities should use this partnership model to grow future employees. It is brilliant!’

A programme of presentations followed showing the various stages of a Journey to Engineering in Furness.  BDAE Chairman Russ Watson, presented children with individual bursaries and certificates recognising their engineering achievement so far and this very important first step on their journey to a potential engineering career.

There are so many brilliant young people here and so many fantastic career opportunities. It is more important than ever that we all work together to support young people on a journey of real-world learning, skills development and work experience so that they have great careers here, in Furness. We work with many employers locally and shape our offer based on the skills businesses tell us they need and the future jobs they will be able to offer. Many young people have lost self confidence during the pandemic, it is so important we support them well to get back on track.

Neil Tippins, FESP Project Co-ordinator