Jul 2011 FESP History
FESP Founded

FESP was set up in July 2011 after the longstanding Furness Education Business Partnership ceased to function. As a balanced partnership between the worlds of local education and local business, prime aims of core FESP members from the outset have been to raise the aspirations of local young people and to provide current, real-world applied learning opportunities for them in all three education phases.

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Furness Education and Skills Partnership (FESP) is registered as a charity in England & Wales (1183085).  As such, it has Members and Trustees. FESP is governed by a board of trustees;  who have a legal responsibility for how the charity performs, ensuring that it meets its charitable objectives.


Our Board of Trustees are all volunteers who meet on a regular basis to govern and oversee the running of the charity.

Our trustees are responsible for ensuring our charity is well-managed, we stay in line with our vision and mission, and we abide by our charitable objectives.

All Trustees sign up to a code of conduct which you can read here.

Further details about our Trustees can be seen here.


Furness Education and Skills Partnership works with schools and the wider community to help young people gain the skills, experience and confidence to have successful futures. We design and deliver projects and events which raise awareness of opportunities, develop skills and put learning into a real context for young people. Our work dovetails into that of the local Careers Hub.