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Furness Education & Skills Partnership (FESP) was established in July 2011.

FESP is a partnership of schools, colleges, local employers and agencies which recognise the need to equip local young people with knowledge, skills and aspirations relevant to a competitive 21st century market-place. FESP facilitate projects, events and links which enable and drive enterprise, innovation and long-term growth in the local, regional and national economy.

aims & objectives

Our aims and objectives are:

FESP Projects

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The Barrow Engineering Project (BEP) raises the profile of Engineering in the local area.  It enriches STEM attainment of learners within the project through the existing curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

The BEP is supported by the Royal Academy of Engineers and the Sir John Fisher Foundation.  

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The ‘Build my Skills’ programme is designed to equip young people with the necessary skills and competences to make them more employable.

There is a programme of study across all 4 Key Stages (KS1-4)

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The Furness Future Leaders Academy aims to inspire year five students to plan their own future and help them hone leadership, team-work and communication skills that will be in strong demand across the Furness industrial landscape in years to come.

Furness Future Leaders Academy inspires young people aged 10 and 11 to develop essential leadership skills and make a difference in their communities.

We must give children and young people a far better understanding of the world of work – starting at an early age…it is about opening their eyes to the many careers that they do not see on TV or in their daily lives.

Lord (Kenneth) Baker (2014)

Supporting Statements

You should be incredibly proud of the impact and achievements you’ve made in Furness and possibly within Cumbria through FESP. I don’t think we can underestimate the impact we are having upon the education system and, possibly more importantly, the educators within South Cumbria at this time of tremendous upheaval for schools.

I think through supporting programmes like FESP, the Royal Academy of Engineering is making a massive difference to this, working with employers and educational establishments

Wayne Singleton: HR Business Partner
Siemens Subsea, Ulverston


FESP has operated as an effective network, bringing primary, secondary and post 16 education sectors and local industry together to: build working relationships between education and industry; raise awareness about the world of work and current educational provision; provide real world examples to enhance the existing curriculum; and develop activities focused on the work of individual employers.

Aspects of FESP activity evaluated include: networking opportunities and co-ordination, a series of industry visits, creation of cluster groups and development of a locally agreed list of transferable skills.

Lancaster University